Intro to Nia playshop – 9th July

NEW MOON Red Tent Women’s circle and Nia Intro – Thursday, 19th October

‘Red Tent’ is a circle of women that meets monthly to spend time together talking, sharing, supporting, listening and caring for each other. And loving each other. Meetings are organized around the lunar calendar and take place on either the new moon or full moon. Since ancient times, feminine wisdom was learned from all the women in our lives, from grandmother to female maid, with humility and respect for their knowledge. Living the emotions, accepting the waves, retaining the femininity that we accepted from birth. Women’s and men’s belief systems remained completely different, while supporting and complementing each other.

When we create this women’s circle, we begin to transcend it by setting and acknowledging the sacredness of the circle. Not only do we remain respectful to the presence and intentions of the participants, and to all that occurs within the circle, we also acknowledge that the circle is a sacred ancestral symbol, which represents and transmits fundamental human powers, qualities, transcendent and immanent processes.

Nowadays, interest in this kind of women’s circle is growing. I meet more and more women who do not only want to survive, but want to experience the waves. Anyone who learns to bring her feelings into harmony with the movement of her body brings peace to every level of her being, starting from her instincts and growing within. This method becomes invaluable once we learn it, adhere to it and respect it as a blessing.

Join us and deepen your relationship with your body and your femininity through movement and dance. Here you will have the opportunity to share your truth, to be seen and heard, to laugh or cry, to nurture your body and soul, and to share some finger food. Through honest conversations, by sharing life’s experiences and listening without expectations, we will help each other to find inner peace, allow the feminine to soar, dignity to grow and harmony to radiate.


Time: 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Place: Rozsos u. 42, Budapest, Hungary, 1162

Investment: 3000 HUF 

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