A ‘taste’ of Nia – Intro workshop Saturday, 2nd December

Super Full Moon Red Tent Women’s circle – Sunday, 3rd December

Come and celebrate with other sisters the last Super Full Moon of the year, which greets us in the spirit of the Gemini, and which is the ultimate opportunity for spiritual cleansing before we enter the next opportunity year.

‘Red Tent’ is a circle of women that meets monthly to spend time together talking, sharing, supporting, listening and caring for each other. And loving each other. Meetings are organized around the lunar calendar and take place on either the new moon or full moon. Since ancient times, feminine wisdom was learned from all the women in our lives, from grandmother to female maid, with humility and respect for their knowledge. Living the emotions, accepting the waves, retaining the femininity that we accepted from birth. Women’s and men’s belief systems remained completely different, while supporting and complementing each other.

When we create this women’s circle, we begin to transcend it by setting and acknowledging the sacredness of the circle. Not only do we remain respectful to the presence and intentions of the participants, and to all that occurs within the circle, we also acknowledge that the circle is a sacred ancestral symbol, which represents and transmits fundamental human powers, qualities, transcendent and immanent processes.

You change and everything changes with you. It goes away, disappears, and then grows again and falls into your life. It’s not coincidence that the moon is running and getting dim and it’s good as it is. Women are made equivalent to the Moon. However, the moon does not have the task of shining in the sky with constant and balanced radiation like the sun, but the nature of its changing.

Although the Gemini is light and loves variation, it does not resist change, but airiness can only work if we let go of our false thought patterns and our struggle to which we have so much insisted so far.

The light and playful energy during this period is important. The energy of the air helps to clean our thoughts, to see clearly and to fly freely in 2018. It is our mental realm. Clear thoughts, clear visions.

We will celebrate by the Ancient 5 Elements Dance and Nia Dance, the let go of the Fire Ceremonies, dive into astrology, talk, meeting with crystals and get plenty of laughter, hugs and love.

Your facilitators: Hajnal Szűcs and Viktória Dohándi

Following the traditions of the Red Tent, please bring a share plate (finger food)

Wear a comfortable clothing, if you can skirt or dress and bring a scarf.

A reservation is required due to limited spaces.

Max 15 peopleJoin us and deepen your relationship with your body and your femininity through movement and dance.

Time: 3PM to &PM

Place: Zúzmata utca 23, Gödöllő 2100, Magyarország

Investment: 4500HUF 

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