Intro to Nia workshop – A Joyful Movement for Body & Soul Saturday, 5th May
Nia 5 Sensations as Earth Elements – Saturday, 15th July 2017

Classic Nia class – Celebrate Your Body and Life – Sunday, 18th March

The JOY of Movement! 

Curious about Nia? This workshop is for you!
You’ll dance, move, laugh and shake, and put pleasure into your workout.

Inspired by the martial arts, dance arts & healing arts, Nia is a transformational movement & lifestyle practice anchored in body-centred awareness.
Blending music and movement with mindfulness, Nia promotes fusion fitness-dance, mental health, neuroplasticity, self-healing and balance. Best of all, Nia is FUN!

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water.

 Time: 10AM to 11:30AM

Place: DanuYoga, Szövetség tér 4, Kecskemét, 6000

Investment: 2500 HUF


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