Classic Nia class – Celebrate Your Body and Life – Sunday, 18th March

Nia 5 Sensations as Earth Elements – Saturday, 15th July 2017

Nia’s 5 sensation’s (FAMSS) flexiblity, agility, mobility, strabiltiy, strength:
These give us the physical scaffolding to re-build the structure of our tissues and to re-organize our nervous system. Sensationts science allows you to understand your own body, to know its funciton. In doing so, you can begin to achive what Nia calls dynamic ease, a distinct physcial senstaion of effortless power.

Combining Nia’s Five Sensations with Five Element Theory:
Connect Earth’s five elements as metaphors for Nia’s Five Sensations. Enjoy and dance the inner landscape of our bodies with communtiy and promote a sense of dynamic physical harmony.

Wood – Flexibility is as energy moving outward and  the physical feeling of releasing power. Dynamic flexibility – the perfect balance of contraction and release – is felt as opening and lengthening.

Fire – Agility  is sensed as a shifting of dynamic tension, the ability to easily start and stop the movement; it is the physical feeling of pulling and pushing. Dynamic agility – the perfect balance of movement and stillness – is sensed as a balance of yin and yang.


Water – Mobility is sensed as energy in constant motion, moving all around, all directions, generally within a range of motion that varies slightly; creates a sensation of continuous energy flow and excitation of the nerves around the joints. Dynamic mobility – the perfect balance of excitation, relaxation and youthful freedom.


Earth – Stability is sensed as energy moving from the centre and out in all directions; it is the physical feeling of harmony and peace, combined with readiness for action. Dynamic stability – the perfect balance of all sensations – is sensed as powerful peace.

Metal – Strength is sensed as energy moving inward, a squeezing in or packing of the energy against bones; it is the physical sensation of containing and sustaining power. Dynamic strength – the perfect balance of powers and grace – is sensed as relaxation, not tension. 


This playshop is a fusion of Free Dance, Elements, 5 Sensations, Nia class, Nia 5 stages and painting/drawing.

Body and Movement, Form and Formless creates ART!

Place: The Shift – Andrássy út 35., Budapest, Hungary 1061


Early Bird till 30th June – 15.000HUF or 50EUR

From 1th July – 19.500HUF or 65EUR


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