Body Movement Art is an invitation to come home to your body using creative, expressive and mindful movement, dance and art.

It is a tool, a way to:
  • Tune into and harness your body’s innate wisdom and power using movement, dance and art as a direct perception of life.
  • Explore the unknown, and move beyond your comfort zone and self-limitations.
  • Self-heal through the conscious awareness of sensations.

Here at Body Movement Art you’ll find ways to energize and reconnect with your body, calm your mind, inspire your spirit, nurture, self-heal, empower and transform your life - tools for deepening your relationship with your body and soul, and connecting with your authentic self



The Body is a wonderfully designed structure. It is one expression of Art of Life, with its lines, curves, shapes, colours and dimensions. The body is the vehicle that we move through life with.

Our body is the only thing we’ll ever own. It is a precious gift, our sacred temple, our best friend, and our oldest companion.

It is wiser than our mind; the wisdom of the body has access to things our mind does not. It has so much potential and it also helps us to integrate and process our life experiences.


Life is really full of movement; and we are embodied, but animate beings. We live in bodies that want to move.

But as we go along in life, many of us come across protocols, delusional beliefs, old paradigm, and conditioning that tell us to stop moving.

The very foundation, the core of our ability to think, our ability to feel, our ability to percieve is based movement.

Life is about movement – everything in nature is in motion. This balance should also occur in the body; it houses our spirit and soul, and it is the expression of our existence.” ~Debbie Rosas


When we move we are able to open unblocked spaces in order to release the energy that hold us back. When we feel worried or stressed, moving our body can change and open our energy.

As our body opens up, so do our consciousness,sensations, gratitude, awareness, creativity, vision, and wisdom.

Movement gives us the permission to slow down and allows us to fully and creatively express ourselves. It helps us to reveal how to use our body wisdom to relax, recharge, self-heal and energize us.

Through movement and dance we not only find health, joy, and wellness, and remember who we really are, but we are also able to bring out the inner substance of our lives, reveal what has been hidden, and express old stories in new ways.

Movement and dance is a path to deeper levels of experience of our body energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Life as ART

Art is using the body, its movement, creativity and soul, and bring it all in an infinite possibilities of expressions and colours.

Life as Art; Look at everything in life is art, including your self and your body. Get inspired by every step you take in your daily life, by nature and people that surround you, and by altering your perception to create something that is pleasing to you. In other word to find PLEASURE.

Creation is within you, creation is you and the canvas, the space is endless. Life is celebration. Life is art and adventure.

Living half-heartedly, is being half dead. Living life to the full is living eternal life; living Life as Art. Live with a sense of honouring the yearning in your soul to be free.

Following that call is all that matters. Living to the maximum with whatever expression you choose; this is how you over come of fear, how you live with respect for the creator and creation within you. And this is how Life becomes Art.


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