PlayGround is a conscious movement practice – a creative approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body and discovering our own Dance of Life, using Body, Movement and Art, so we may become dancers ourselves.

The floor gives us the feeling of being supported by the Earth beneath us.

This is where the dance begins. Earth calls us to truly explore our willingness to be one with the Mother.

We use the floor - the ground - and the space as a place to play, and use play as a way to explore. This is our PlayGround where one can know oneself, and express one’s freedom. Our bodies can move freely when they explore without thinking, using breath, sound, movement, art, centering, gravity, expansions and contractions.

The ground is a developmental return to our infant self and our mother's womb. We give our bodies the opportunity to play – to open and move, or to close and be still. To play sometimes alone, sometimes in contact with one another.

The 'act' of playing allows our energy to move freely and spontaneously. With each movement and act we seek new sensations.

Then we continue to deepen the awareness of our bodies – the feeling of our joints, bones and spine provide inner support, our muscles and tissues give us warmth, fluidity and freedom, our breathing as the rhythm of life and our entire body as a flowing energy. Our bodies are our vehicles of our self-awareness.

Walking freely and effortlessly, breathing easily, standing quietly, jumping joyfully, exploring the space around us - we continue to invite a childlike freedom to play, engaging with our imagination, and then we begin to dance. These simple expressions invite soul and body to unite.

Sometimes we dance alone, sometimes with one another or in a group. PlayGround is about the play of yin and yang, life’s rhythms and elements, and the seven chakras, where form and formlessness are all in balance.

We may also expand our creativity and express ourselves more freely by mixing visual arts with movement, so we often do some panting or drawing in class too.

PlayGround is for those who want to integrate the energy and freedom of ‘play’ into their lifestyles and relationships, or even into their current profession, e.g., education, women's groups, teen services, support groups.


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