"Free your Spirit and Dance with Life!" ~ Viktória Dohándi

About Viktória

Viktória is a vibrant, creative and embodied movement facilitator, a certified Blue Belt Nia® teacher, and the creator of Body Movement Art and PlayGround™, dedicated to path of Joy of Movement as Medicine. She is passionate about freedom, transformation, expression, exploration connection, health, wellness and inspiring people to move and shine.

Viktória creates a safe and joyful space for self-liberation and body-mind centering through authentic expression and playful energy to encourage you to let goof what ever is holding you back.

“I’ve always had a very strong connection to music, dance and movement. They are how I relate to the world. It’s a way to express myself and connect to Life. Music is the food of love. Music wakes me up, and gets me going. Dance and movement is not only my passion but my refuge. I feel like through dance I rediscover myself again and again.

Viktória’s journey

During her childhood, Viktória developed a passion for jazz ballet, but never really stepped into the professional dance carrier. Instead, she chose to walk the path of a ‘Life Dancer’, and since then she has been dancing through life. She is a student of Life. In her early twenties she decided to explore the world.

“I left my homeland where I was born, Hungary, in my teens, and began discovering many new places. Having lived and travelled in various countries for many years including England, Spain, Australia, and across many in Asia, I have learned to value various ways and forms that life expresses itself, and I gained insight to the pride that people hold for their cultures and traditions.”

“The journey of my life has helped me to discover the beauty of this world. Dancing, meeting and connecting with people from other communities, and experiencing and exploring other cultures through languages has helped me understand that all of our lives are at once individual and interconnected by the infinite power we call universal love and life energy.”

“Life is about exploration, interaction and expression, and so too are dance and movement.”

“My Nia dance journey began in 2012 in Australia, where I've lived almost 7 years.

Nia is my movement medicine, a gift in my life. It has brought me the opportunity to be fully aware of my body and myself, to remember and trust the wise and the feminine! It has taught me how to self-heal and to hold a dialogue with my body through an awareness of sensations. It gives me freedom, strength, health and joy in my daily life. Now I move and live with more ease, lightness, power and grace.

Practicing other conscious dance forms, such as Dancing Freedom™ and 5Rhythms® also have a great impact in my life.

Dancing Freedom has helped me to deepen my relationship and work with the Five Elements, and it brought me the opportunity to use and integrate the wisdom of these elements.

By using movement, dance, somatic education and creativity, it is my mission to help people to reconnect to their inner Joy, and inner child, to awaken the DANCER within them, to awaken them to the potential of their own bodies and encourage them to live an embodied life that is nurturing, carefree, joyful, expressive, playful, and mind-body centering.

I am available for group and individual movement creativity sessions; Nia Dance & PlayGround workshops and sessions, woman’s circles, consciousness groups gathering which involve sound circles; and offerings with my Medicine Drum.

I am also offering creative movements for kids between 4 and 8 years old, as well as Spanish and English classes that are creative and fun.


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