Nia Classes

Classic Nia

Therapeutic, fun, energizing and educational healing through movement.

A classic nia class is practiced barefoot and it’s adaptable for all genders, ages and fitness levels.

No dance or any other fitness experience is necessary.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring water bottle and a towel.

To enquire and book regular classic Nia session, please contact Body Movement Art directly for time, day and quote.

Nia kids

A creative class in which we combine education with dance, movement, mindfulness, playfulness, and art to promote physical development, connection to self, others and the environment, self-awareness, body awareness, and self-worth in children.

Ages between 4 and 8.

Physical development is essential, it is the foundation for learning. Without co-ordination and balance, we could not stand or sit, have free us of our hands to carry out fine motor tasks, or control the eye movements needed for copying, writing and reading.

Not only adults need to learn how to control and coordinate their body but our kids, as well.

Our kids need:
  • Gross motor activities, which means movement of the entire body or larger parts of the body. Examples include embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing, walking, rolling, jumping, running, and dancing.
  • Fine motor activities involve movement of smaller parts of the body, like feet hands. Examples include reaching, holding, grasping, banging, clapping, spinning, and head-eye coordination.
  • Body Part identification activities because good coordinated movement starts with knowing for kids where their body parts are and what these different parts are able to do.
A minimum group of 8. Cost upon request.

To enquire and book kids group session, please contact Body Movement Art directly for quote

Nia Corporate Wellbeing

Stresses and strains may be involved in the work/life balance. I bring in Nia that is suitable for the workplace.

What you should know about a holistic approach to dance-fitness?

Dance is a language of physical exercise that sparks new brain cells (neurogenesis) and their connections are responsible for acquiring knowledge and thinking. Dancing stimulates the release of the brain-derived protein neurotropic factor and that promotes the growth, maintenance, and plasticity of neurons necessary for learning and memory. Plus, dancing makes some neurons nimble so that they readily wire into the neural network. Neural plasticity is the brain’s remarkable ability to change through-out life. Moreover, dance is a means to help us improve mood and cope with stress that can motivate or interfere with concentration and learning.

Discover a unique and expert approach to your business’ new mind-body program. Experience the benefits of a healthier, more motivated, and happier workforce as you introduce a dedicated approach to employee wellbeing – and retention – to your workplace.

I see it everywhere I teach: dance and movement transforms, and the effects of a well-run program are immediate and long lasting.

Corporate Nia is a balanced practice to move the body and to allow a flow of energy, clarity and creativity.

Regular classes are known to build new pathways and longer lasting results in both health and happiness, and create a mind-body balance that puts people back in the driving seat of quality and creativity.

To enquire about corporate programs and book a corporate session, please contact Mody Movement Art directly for quote.


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